See the article in the Whig Standard on QUILL celebrating 25 years of offering lifelong learning opportunities to the Kingston community.

On Sunday, Oct. 21st in Room 101 Goodes Hall  Jacob Miller will give the lecture entitled Reading Indigenously: Cultivating Indigenous Relationships and Literature Through the Public Library

On Oct. 16th our Tuesday Discusion Group will discuss According to Marshall McLulan "Art is whatever you say it is" or "Anything you can get away with"  

It is not too late to join QUILL for the Fall Programs. We invite you to come to a lecture for free to try us out. If you like what we offer you are welcome to join us and become a member of QUILL.

Our exciting 2018 Fall program is now posted. Check out the Programs page where you can print a copy of our new brochure. We look forward to seeing you at the lectures and discussion group. New members are always welcome.

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